Year 6

This Term's Topic is:


New Street Station in Birmingham


We will be learning all about Great Britain in the period between the end of the 18th Century and the start of the 20th Century, in which the country became the first in the world to experience 'The Industrial Revolution'. Encompassing the latter half of the Georgian era and the entirety of Queen Victoria's reign, this period wrought massive changes upon the social, economic and cultural fabric of Britain, fundamentally altering its place in the world and its future destiny in ways that continue to affect us today. Moreover, it was a period in which the Black Country and the West Midlands played a pivotal role, with dramatic consequences for the area. 


To begin with, children will study the changes in farming and demography which anticipated the  beginning of the Industrial Revolution between 1760 and 1780, often termed the 'Agricultural Revolution'. From there, they will look at the main historical factors and discoveries that came together in the Industrial Revolution itself, central among them the emergence of steam power, and consider the changes that resulted from them.



As part of this analysis they will visit the Black Country Living Museum, focusing on how coal was mined in the local area and how this was used to generate unprecedented power and productivity. They will learn how steam engines used pistons and other components to convert reciprocal motion to rotary motion. Children will also produce art, technology projects and creative writing linked to their topic. 


Revision links:


Below are a list of links that may help with revision. Feel free to use as necessary:


English: - General revision with games - Excellent website that will help with all areas of reading and grammar - Some free parts of the books that are very useful (pertaining to grammar) - A 'poster' that you could print off to remind you of aspects of grammar - Common spelling patterns that should be embedded by Year 6


Maths: - Every child should have their login to use the website. Remember to move the level up and also complete the 'lessons' - A huge amount of games to make maths fun, use the categories at the top of the page to select what you need help on - For help with Mental Maths this is one of the best websites you can use - If you need help reading digital and analogue clocks, this website should be useful. - Great general revision tool - Very good general revision website - While aimed at adults, some of this website may be useful for Year 6.