Year 6


~ The Magnificent Maya ~


This half term, Year 6 will be learning all about the Maya civilization, which flourished from 2,000 BC in modern day Mexico and Central America. Across a range of cross-curricular lessons, the children will learn about Mayan culture, society, geography, religion, architecture, art and writing. How did the mysterious Mayan long-count calendar work? Why were their astronomers so fascinated by the stars and planets? What purpose did the famous temples at Chichen Itza serve?


Temple at Chichen Itza
As an initial focus for our writing and to engage the children with this historical period, we will be watching the Dreamworks film The Road to El Dorado. While this film is at face value an action-packed, child-friendly comedy adventure, its setting, characters and plot all borrow elements from ancient Meso-American cultures, providing the children with a valuable window into further research and investigation.


Road to El Dorado Movie Poster


In English lessons, our book focus will be Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. This modern classic tells the story of a young boy who is castaway in the Pacific Ocean, only to wash up on a remote island occupied solely by a mysterious Japanese man. Kensuke's Kingdom is an engaging, vibrant and mature text that offers the children a solid introduction to the level of challenge and vocabulary expected in the Year 6 curriculum. 

Cover of Kensuke's Kingdom

Revision links:


Below are a list of links that may help with revision. Feel free to use as necessary:


English: - General revision with games - Excellent website that will help with all areas of reading and grammar - Some free parts of the books that are very useful (pertaining to grammar) - A 'poster' that you could print off to remind you of aspects of grammar - Common spelling patterns that should be embedded by Year 6


Maths: - Every child should have their login to use the website. Remember to move the level up and also complete the 'lessons' - A huge amount of games to make maths fun, use the categories at the top of the page to select what you need help on - For help with Mental Maths this is one of the best websites you can use - If you need help reading digital and analogue clocks, this website should be useful. - Great general revision tool - Very good general revision website - While aimed at adults, some of this website may be useful for Year 6.