Friday 26th June

Start of the day

Play on Spelling Shed for 15 minutes.



Basic Skills Week

Use the methods you have practised this week to answer the following questions. Remember to read them carefully so you know which method to use!


A) 432 + 327 = 

B) 14 x 58 =

C) 968 - 57 =

D) 165 ÷ 5 =

E) 86 + 49 = 

F) 853 - 270 =

G) 32 ÷ 4 =

H) 8 x 34 = 



I) A group of friends each bring some sweets to the park. Mark and Steven have 28 sweets each, Lauren has 32 and James has half of Laurens amount. How many do they have all together?


J) Adam has 294p he goes to the shop and buys a drink for 82p and then a ice cream for 99p. How much money does he have left?


K) Martin gets 85p pocket money a week for helping around the house. How much will he have saved up in 4 months time?


L) Four friends want to buy a new sports set, which cost £92! They all agree to pay the same amount each. How much would one person pay?



Basic Skills

preposition is a word that tells you where or when something is in relation to something else.


Choose five prepositions and write a sentence for each.



Can you start the sentence with the preposition?



Chapter 34 - Zimmer Frame and Postscript (from 18:12 onwards) 




Now that you have read the whole book it is time to review it!

Complete the questions below in as much detail as you can and in full sentences.

1. Rate the book out of 5 stars.

2. Give a short description of the plot of the story.

3. Who are the main characters?

4. Which is your favourite character and why?

5. Did you like the book? Why?

6. What was your favourite part?

6. Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why?



On the back of the book famous people/ groups/ newspapers often give a short comment on the book. What would yours be?

E.g. “In the gem of a book, Walliams balances high comedy with and emotional message.” (The Daily Mail)



Study these two contrasting locations and then have a go at sketching them (or two different locations of your choice) thinking about the appropriate use of colour for each one.







Thursday 25th June

Start of the day

Proverbs are little sentences that we can learn from. They are sentences that lots of people and know their meaning as they have been passed down for generations. 

What do these five proverbs mean? (Answers are at the end of todays learning)

1. A bird in the hand is worth 2 in a bush.

2. Actions speak louder than words.

3. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

4. All’s well that ends well.

5. All that glitters is not gold.



Basic Skills Week

Watch the video on division using known facts then practise and check your answers.





Basic Skills

A pronoun replaces the noun in a sentence.


Complete one of the activities underneath the BBC clip.



Chapter 33 - Silence (14:01 to 18:12)




Granny’s favourite sweets were Murray Mints. We have learnt in the past about alliteration. Alliteration is where you use the same letter to start the words next to or close together.

Your challenge today is to think of 10 new sweets / chocolates / ice creams that Granny might like and use alliteration for these names.

E.g. Crunchy Caramel or Milky Maltesers.


Extra challenge

Could you think of names that have 3 or 4 words using the same letter. E.g. Crunchy, crispy yet creamy caramel or Marvellous, milky, Maltesers.  



A Gurdwara is the place where Sikhs come together for congregational worship. Watch the video explain what happens at the Gurdwara and the many symbols of respect they show when they are there.




Draw an arrow to connect each part of the Gurdwara to the matching statements.


Proverb meanings from the starter

1.It is better to have what you have got rather than waiting for something else.

2. What you do is more important than what you say or promise to do.

3. No matter how hard the task is, it can’t be completed until you have done the first part and got going.

4. Finishing something is worth all of the effort, even if things are hard or go wrong in the middle.

5. Something that looks amazing might not live up to our expectations.



Wednesday 24th June

Start of the day

Handwriting practise 

Can you write out this sentence five times in your very neatest handwriting? Remember to join your handwriting...

The quick, sly brown fox jumps over the lazy fox.



Basic Skills Week

Use the video on grid multiplication as a recap if needed, then try some of the questions below!












Can you use the grid method to calculate each answer?

E) 8 x 12 = 

F) 25 x 5 =

G) 14 x 18 =

H) 54 x 148 =



Basic skills



Chapter 31 - Golden Light & Chapter 32 - A Family Sandwich (7:26 to 14:01)




Draw two illustrations (one for each chapter) to show the main event in each chapter. Create a caption or title for each picture.



Although different events happen in each chapter, these two chapters have a very similar theme... Can you show this in the pictures that you draw? Then make it so that your captions or titles also show this.



We are going to compare the geographical characteristics of a region in the United Kingdom against a region in a European country. Watch both videos, then note down all features that are the same and different.

Naples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvMAgComcOE

Birmingham: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vaLlcYbYTQ











Can you sort them further into to human and physical features?



Tuesday 23rd June

Start of the day

Play on TTRS for 15 minutes to compete in the year 3 battle of the bands! How fast can you answer questions? Can you beat your time and status?




Basic Skills Week

Use the video on column subtraction as a recap if needed, then try some of the questions below!












Can you use the column method to subtract decimals?

E) 4.5 - 2.2 = 

F) 25.9 - 12.4 =

G) 19.8 - 7.5 =

H) 63.5 - 47.2 =



Basic Skills

To keep our writing interesting, we try to use different words to start our sentences. One of the ways we’ve practised this year is by using an adverb (a word which describes the verb) at the start.



Can you write a sentence for each of these adverbial starters?





Without a thought,



Chapter 30 - A Packet of Sugar (2:38 to 7:26)




Imagine that you were one of the policemen on the scene in today’s chapter. Write a diary entry showing what happened and how Granny turn from being arrested to an innocent old lady.

Things to include:

*Past tense


*Your feelings and reactions



Once you have finished this re-read your writing. Can you edit it to make it even better and correct any mistakes that you notice?




Watch this animation to learn about friction.



What is friction?

Friction is a force between two surfaces that are sliding, or trying to slide, across each other. For example, when you try to push a book along the floor, friction makes this difficult.

Friction always works in the opposite direction to the direction in which the object is moving, or trying to move. Friction always slows a moving object down.

The amount of friction depends on the materials from which the two surfaces are made. The rougher the surface, the more friction is produced. Friction also produces heat. If you rub your hands together quickly, you will feel them get warmer.


This clip shows how friction is created.




Toy car investigation

Using a toy car, push it along a selection of smooth and rough surfaces e.g. carpet, tiles, concrete, and see how far it travels.

Can predict how far they think the car will travel on each surface?



Can you explain why you got these results. Remember to use the words: friction, pull, push, surface, rougher, smoother.


Super extension

Rank the materials from best to least useful if you were an investigator trying to sort out which material should be put at the bottom of a hill to help cars stop quickly. Explain your top choice carefully using the words above.



Monday 22nd June

Start of the day

Watch Newsround on CBBC to see what is going on in the world.




Basic Skills Week

Use the video on column addition as a recap if needed, then try some of the questions below!












Can you use the column method to add decimals?

E) 1.2 + 3.4 = 

F) 15.7 + 23.2 =

G) 9.8 + 12.7 =

H) 293.5 + 478.8 =



Basic Skills

Create spelling pyramids for these words.

occasion, often, opposite, ordinary, particular




Chapter 29 - Armed Police (0:00 to 2:38)




In the story, David Walliams described the helicopter as making the sound...


When the word is spelt and written like the sound it makes, we call this an onomatopoeia.

E.g. bang, quack

How many words can you think of that sound like the noise they make?



Can you write down an onomatopoeia word for every letter of the alphabet?



Newfield Sports Week!

Use your PE time to try some of the activities and challenges which can be found in the sports day document on the class pages section of the school website.

We would love to see your photos and videos but please remember to follow the stated guidance. Have fun!




Sometimes it takes a lot of willpower and determination to keep working at something. Today, you will be working to tackle a challenge. You will need to think systematically and work with determination.

Can you solve the problem below? Keep going and show determination!


Sitting Round the Party Tables

So, you are at the party and sitting around the table with seven friends.

At the top left-hand corner is the friend who is giving the party. They have a bag of sweets and starts giving them out in a clockwise direction: one for themselves, two for the next person and three for the next and so on.


2 people on each side of the table


There are other similar parties going on at the same time. They have bigger square tables with more children sitting round on each side.


Can you work out how many sweets each table would need? 


Explore and compare all the tables: 1 on each side, 3 on each side, 4 on each side and 5 on each side.