Afternoon Lessons

Year 5 Computing Thursday 4th March 2021

LO Identify and explain a range of e safety dangers

Year 5 Geography Wednesday 3rd March 2021

East Anglia Lesson 2 Climate

Science Earth in Space session 2

This is our second session based on Earth in Space (Physics)

Year 5 RE Monday 1st March 2021

Christianity Spring 2 Lesson 1

PSHE 25/02/21

Follow this link, when directed:

25/02/21 PSHE Community

This is lesson 5 of our PSHE programme.

Year 5 Geography Wednesday 24th February 2021

Lesson 1

Science 23/02/21

Follow these short clips, when directed or watch one after the other:


Then follow the hyperlink below to play a quiz, at the end of the lesson:

Science Earth Sun and Moon session 1

This is the first lesson based on our new topic- Earth in Space and is a Physics topic.

There are two parts to today's R.E. lesson. Watch part one first, then part two.

RE Sikhism stories session 6 part one

This is the first part of our final lessons based on Sikhism.

RE Sikhism stories session 6 part two

This is our final lesson based on Sikhism.

Resource for French 11/02/21

Year 5 French Thursday 11th February

I know it says Tuesday on the video! Last minute change on Monday evening meant I swapped around French and Computing!

The Body Session 2

Year 5 History Wednesday 10th February 2021

Roles and residences of Queen Elizabeth II

Resource for Computing 09/02/21

Year 5 Computing Tuesday 9th February

Safer Internet Day 2021

Resource for RE 08/02/21

RE Sikhism stories session 4

LQ: Are Sikh stories still important today?

Follow the hyperlink below, when directed:

PSHE Session 4 Patience Snowflakes

You will need a piece of plain paper, for today's lesson.

Use the following hyperlink for History when directed:

Year 5 History Wednesday 3rd February 2021

The rule of Queen victoria and the British Empire

Resource for Science 02/02/21

Science Forces Session 5 Levers pulleys and gears

This is our fifth lesson based on forces. You will need the following: a rubber, a pencil, a ruler and some weights (lego or coins are fine).

The Sweet Labor of Lalo | Animated Story on Bhai Lalo |

Watch the following video, when instructed.
The Sweet Labour of Lalo | Animated Story on Bhai Lalo | SikhNet.comGuru Nanak used to travel all over India with his companions Bala and Mardana. Wherever th...

RE Sikhism stories session 3

We are continuing with our RE sessions based on Sikh stories.

Year 5 Computing Thursday 28th January 2021

LO: understand methods to help identify fake or insecure websites and the dangers of using them

Links for Wednesday's History session when prompted in the video:


Link 1:


Link 2:

Year 5 History Wednesday 27th January 2021

King Charles I and II and Civil War

Resource for Science 26/01/21

Science Forces Session 4 Water Resistance

This is our fourth lesson based on Physics and forces.

Year 5 RE Monday 25th January 2021

Sikhism stories session 2

Follow the hyperlink, when prompted, during the PSHE lesson.


PSHE Seeing another point of view 21 01 21

This is session 2 of PSHE based on fairness.

Documents for History Wednesday 20th January 2021

Year 5 History Wednesday 20th January 2021

The Magna Carta and lives of the people

Science resources 19/01/21

For today's Science lesson, you will need the following resources:

  • string or wool
  • paper
  • cellotape
  • paper clips/small object- optional

Follow the hyperlinks below, when prompted:

Science Forces- Air Resistance

This is our third session based on Physics and forces.

Resources for RE 18/01/21

RE Sikhism stories session 1 18/01/21

This is our first session based on the learning question- Are Sikh stories important today?

Computing Resources Thursday 14th January 2021

Year 5 Computing Thursday 14th January 2021

Risks of live streaming

Year 5 History Wednesday 13th January 2021

Significant British Monarchs Timeline

Resources for Science

When prompted, follow the hyperlink below to watch the video:

Science Forces Session 2

This is the second Physics lesson based on forces. You will need some resources: different sized balls are perfect or different sized cuboids etc. The video ...

Year 5 PSHE Monday 11th January 2021

Session 1 Cleanliness No Smoking

Friday afternoon activities for Lockdown

Science Forces

This is Session 1 of our new Physics unit-Forces. It also links to English today.

Resources for French 06/01/21

French The Body Session 1

Session 1 based on 'The Body'