Afternoon lessons

Friday Afternoon Activity - 5th March

Science Thursday 4th - Planets and the Solar System (Part 2)

Science Thursday 4th - Planets and the Solar System (Part 1)

History Wednesday 3rd - History of Birmingham

Music Tuesday 2nd - Part 2 - Composing

Music Tuesday 2nd - Part 1 - Motifs

Computing Tuesday 2nd - Text Inputs and Passwords

RE Monday 1st - Christian Symbols

French Monday 1st - Numbers Between 60 and 100

Friday 26th Creative Learning - Let's Make Buildings!

Science Thursday 25th - Sun and Earth

History Wednesday 24th - Toilet Roll Timelines

Computing Tuesday 23rd - Digital Footprints

Music Tuesday 23rd - DPA Lesson 5

French Monday 22nd - Numbers Between 20 and 60

RE Monday 22nd - Influential People

Friday afternoon activity - 12th February

You will also need to watch the video below:

Beautiful Oops - Read aloud

Watch this as part of your Friday afternoon activity.

Thursday 11th February - Science

Newton Wheel for Science

Wednesday 10th February - music

Wednesday 10th February - PSHE/computing

Tuesday 9th February - P.E.

Monday 8th February - French

Monday 8th February - RE

Friday Afternoon - Children's Mental Health Week

Science Thursday 4th - Investigating Shadows

DPA TV Week 3 Key Stage 2

RE Wednesday 3rd - How do Christians get to Heaven?

Wednesday 3rd Computing - Extra Video

Thanks to Dominic for the 'Repeat Until' loop idea!

Computing Tuesday 2nd - Using Multiple Variables

French Monday 1st - Where I Live Using 'Habiter'

Monday 1st February - PSHE

Friday Fun - 29th January

Here is a fun and easy recipe for you to try.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Thursday 28th January - French

After completing the video, head over to Teams and complete the quiz.
Bonne chance!!

Thursday 28th January - Music

This afternoon's lesson is produced by DPA (Dudley Performing Arts) and is so much fun!
Watch the video and join in with the musical activities. There is no Teams activity - you can email in any videos if you want to or let me know how you got on via the afternoon chat on Teams.

Wednesday 27th January - DT

PE Tuesday 26th - Watching Different Sports

Please see the assignment on Teams! Enjoy!

Monday 25th January - geography

Friday Afternoon 22nd January - Mindfulness

Thursday Science 21.1.21

French Wednesday 20th - Using 'Il y a'

Music Wednesday 20th

P.E. Tuesday 19th January

PSHE Mon 18 Jan - climate change

RE Monday 18th - Marriage