“About Time” - That was the way I greeted the news of the GOOD inspection grading. The previous inspection report did not match our perception of Newfield, especially the care and attention to detail Newfield has always provided for our three children. When I moved our children to the school they could not have been more accommodating. They helped to "significantly increase the confidence of our eldest daughter", who is now progressing well at a local secondary. Many of the important aspects of the job of a teacher can’t be graded by an OFSTED inspection and the little things that are crucial to the development of children seem to go unnoticed by the OFSTED regime. Newfield should be so proud of their inspection report because it is very well deserved, if not long overdue! But more importantly they should be very proud of their reputation of being a caring and supportive school. A ‘Good’ school is atleast what Newfield is, until the goalposts are moved again by the political agenda that now dominates education. Our children love Newfield and we have nothing but admiration and thanks for the endless hours so many of the staff have invested in our children. We knew before the OFSTED grading they were ‘Good’ and we also knew it before the previous inspection. This is a very special school which now has the recognition it deserves from Her Majesty’s Inspection Team!


Matt Webster