Good Morning Everybody!

Today is Friday, usually our favourite day of the week! A massive well done to everybody who has completed work at home this week. It has been lovely to receive your emails and to see some of the work you have been completing at home. 


Starter of the Day Challenge.

Today we would like you to practise writing the letters of the alphabet. Can you write the lower case and capital letter for each letter, in the order of the alphabet? You could use the visual prompt below, or you could sing the alphabet song to help you. Try not to do any reversals.




Yesterday you were all problem solvers. We would like you to have another go again today and try a different number problem. Good Luck!

You could use the number cards at the bottom of the page if it helps and remember doing jottings might be useful too. Remember you can only use each number and sign once and your answer needs to be a digit that is shown.



Write the odd digits 1,3,5,7,9 and repeat the activity. Is it easier or harder? Why?


Record the calculations you complete and see if you can work in a logical or systematic way to help you find as many answers as possible.

6 January 2021

PE lesson


Look at the graphemes below.  Say the sound of each grapheme. Maybe you could think of some words that contain each grapheme.


Click on the link below to play Obb and Bob. Can you read each word and then work out if it is a real or alien word? which alien should eat the words?


Once on the website, why not check out some other games that you can play to help you practise your phonics.  This will also help you to access an easier or harder phase of phonics if you need to. There are games and activities for all phases on the website and lots of them are free to access.






Read to an adult for at least 10 minutes. Before you read, discuss the front cover, the title and other features. Can you make a prediction?

Remember to use your phonics to sound out new words and see if you can spot any tricky words in your book.

After reading, discuss what happened or what you found out. were your predictions correct?



On Friday afternoons, we normally have Golden Time. We think you have worked really hard all week. This afternoon, play with a favourite toy, play a game with somebody in your family or watch a dvd, relax and have fun!