Achievement Assembly 26 02 21

Good Morning! It's Friday! Well done for all your hard work this week.



Starter of the Day Challenge.

Today we would like you use your Maths skills. How many different ways can you make, represent or calculate the number 20?




Today we want you to be problem solvers.

We would like you to complete a 'Talk it, Solve it' task.

You task is to match each picture with the correct statement. You will need to be logical and think carefully, using the clues to help you.



A printable worksheet can be found in the useful resource section. 


Challenge: You could draw your own scarves and write your own set of clues for somebody else to solve.




Remember to read to an adult for at least 10 minutes. Make sure you record your reading in your reading diary.

Warm up Video for PE


All Yoga Disco | Dance Fitness Yoga!

Find Peace - Cool Down.


Golden Time.


Well done everybody, you've made it to the end of our first week back! 

As always, you have worked really hard and so you really deserve your Golden Time.

Enjoy playing with your toys, chilling out or doing whatever it is that makes you happy.


Useful Resources to help with your Learning Today.