laughHappy Friday Year 2!laugh



Start of the Day Challenge

For your phonics task today, you will be continuing to practise your split digraphs.

The one you will focus on today is u_e split digraph.

Remember this sound can sometimes sound like u_e(oo) or u_e(you).

Below is a 'Roll and Read' game to warm you up this morning. If you don't have

dice at home, there is a link to an online one that you can use.

Friday Investigation video


Friday's poem lesson

My snowman shape poem example

Remember it's your choice how to present yours today.

laughGolden Timelaugh

Because it's Friday afternoon, that means it is GOLDEN TIME! yes

This afternoon, you could go for a walk with a grown-up (possibly a rainy walk, splashing in puddles!), read a book, draw a wintery picture, play with some of your toys, or get moving with some GoNoodle! See the link below and have fun whatever you decide to do this afternoon!