laughHappy Friday everyone, it's the last day of your home learning and we are looking forward to welcoming you back to school.laugh

heartWe have missed you!heart


Start of the day challenge

For our last online phonics lesson, we will be looking at the alternative pronunciation for the  'c' grapheme. This time it changes from the hard 'c' to the soft 'c' sound (sss).



Read the words below, remember to make the soft 'c' sound when reading the words.







There are lots more words that make the soft 'c' sound.

Can you think of anymore? These picture may help you. Write down the words to practise spelling.




Today you will be completing some addition problems.



Friday's English video

Golden Timelaugh

For your golden time this afternoon, you may wish to have a go at some drawing!

Watch the video below to learn how to draw a dragon! Have fun!

#DrawWithRob 45 Dragon

✏️ARE YOU READY TO DRAW? Here's another #DrawWithRob film for you to watch with your little/big ones. Today we are drawing a dragon 🐉. All you need is a pie...