Start of the day challenge

Practise saying the /ai/ phoneme. How many other ways can the ai sound be written? Can you write as many graphemes as you can?



Read the Phoneme Spotter and identify all the words containing today's phoneme. 


Friday Maths


I have amended today's lesson so we can pick up the rest of the writing next week.laugh

Today, children will read the next part of the story and complete some reading comprehension questions. 

The Lion and the Unicorn Comprehension Part 2



For todays Art, we would like you to 'Draw with Rob' .The picture today links to our new science topic 'plants' . Enjoy!

#DrawWithRob *SPECIAL EDITION* Magic Beans

✏️ARE YOU READY TO DRAW? Here's a bonus episode of #DrawWithRob for you to watch with your little/big ones. Today we are drawing some ✨magic beans✨. All you ...