Yay! It's Friday! 

Well done for all your hard work this week. You have all been incredible and have worked so hard! We hope you enjoy completing the activities we have planned for you today.  Have a lovely weekend everybody.


Starter of the Day Challenge.

This week in phonics we looked at the grapheme 'ay' How many words can you think of that have this grapheme in them?

Write them down in a list and think carefully about where the grapheme is within the word. Use the example below to start you off.

   play, say, away


Challenge: can you write some sentences with your 'ay' words in?

Extra challenge: can you use a tricky word within your sentence?



Before we begin our work today. Click on the link below to warm up your Maths brains. 




Today we want you to be problem solvers and to use reasoning skills to explain how you answer a question. We are going to complete a Thinking Tom challenge. We have completed these before in school so think about what skills we used to help us. 


Read the statement that Tom has made. Do you think he is right? or wrong?

  • How can you work out if he is right or wrong?
  • what calculations do you need to do?
  • How can you show how you work out the answer?
  • what facts do you know that might help you?


Write your answer in a sentence; I think Tom is right/ wrong because..........

You can print out this question from the useful resources section, at the bottom of the page. 


Can you solve this Thinking Tom question.



Read to a grown up for at least 10 minutes.

Remember to talk about the book before you read and make some predictions. 

Remember to record your reading in your reading diary and keep looking out for those tricky words and graphemes you have already learnt in phonics.



PE-Fitness Lesson

Can you complete todays fitness challenge? Watch the short video to listen to your challenge and to see Mrs Johnson and her boys demonstrate it for you! Good Luck and don't forget to send us your videos. We would love to see how you get on!

Friday afternoon is Golden Time. You have worked really hard all week, so like we would do at school, you can play with your toys this afternoon, relax and chill out!  If you would like to do something then please feel free to try out the creative challenge below!

Afternoon Creative Challenge- Stanley's Stick. 

This afternoon we would like you to get creative. Your challenge is to find a stick or a few sticks and make it into something that you imagined Stanley's Stick could become. (maybe you could go on a walk first, get some fresh air and find some sticks to use for your creations)

Think about the different materials you could use.


Mrs Johnson had a go at home. Check out her creations below. Can you work out what she made? What materials has she used? What materials could you use today?



We would love to see your wonderful creations. ENJOY  



Mrs Johnson's Creative Challenge- Stanley's Stick

Story Time- Silly Goose read by Ms Cooper.

Today Ms Cooper is going to read our story. Enjoy Silly Goose.

Useful Resources to help with your learning today.