Welcome to Friday's Home Learning.

A MASSIVE well done for all your hard work this week. As always, you have been incredible and have worked so hard!

Enjoy the activities today and have a lovely weekend.


Starter of the Day Challenge.

Can you solve these Maths problems?



Click on the link below to play Obb and Bob on Phonics Bloom. Can you read the phase 5 words and feed the correct alien?







This week we have been learning to count in 10's and how to add 10 to a number. You have worked so hard on this skill. To end the week, we would like you play a game with a grown up, adding 10 as you move along the track on the board game. This can be found in the useful resource section, at the bottom of the page. Can you remember how to add on 10 really quickly? Can you beat your grown up? GOOD LUCK :) 

PE Warm Up.

Watch this video to help with warm up ideas for home and those all important stretches to warm up our bodies for PE.

PE Lesson. 22.01.21

Watch the video for today's Fitness challenge. Today, Ms Cooper explains your task and demos with the help of a couple of lovely helpers!


Read a book to a grown up. Can you make a prediction about the book? Remember to sound out carefully and blend the sounds. Are there any tricky words in your book today?


Record your reading in your reading diary. 

If you want to, you can write about the book you share and draw a picture from the book.

Friday Afternoon is Golden Time

You have worked so hard this week and deserve an afternoon to chill out, relax and play with your favourite toys. 

Lots of you enjoying colouring, and creating beautiful mindfulness pictures when we have Golden Time at school. We have attached some of these in our useful resource section for you  to print out and enjoy colouring at home.