Well Done for all your hard work this week. We have been blown away with the quality of your work this week, especially your FANTASTIC writing. 

We hope you enjoy our activities today.

Have a lovely weekend and remember to rest!


Starter of the Day Challenge.

Use the picture of Dogger and see how many adjectives you can think of to describe him. (Remember, adjectives are describing words, colours, shapes, feel, look,) Can you spell the adjectives you think of? Can you put any into sentences?



It's time to be problem solvers again. Today we would like you to use your understanding of ODD and EVEN numbers, from this week, to complete another Thinking Tom Challenge. There are 2 questions today. You can choose 1 or complete both. 


Read the statement that Tom has made. Do you think he is right or wrong?

  • How can you work out if he is right or wrong?
  • Can you complete a calculation to prove it?
  • How can you show your working out?
  • Do you know any facts that could help you?


Record your answer in a sentence. I think Tom is right/wrong because........





Read to a grown up for at least 10 minutes. Remember to talk about the book before you read, making some predictions about what might happen. Record your reading in your diary.




Click on the link below to play Buried Treasure on Phonics Play.

Can you sort the real and alien words?

You can chose what phase you want to play but most of you should be able to read lots of the phase 5 words. 


For our lesson today we would like you to have a go at completing a fitness session online. We've done these before at school and you usually love them! Why don't you see if a grown up can join in with you too!


Click on the link below to work your way through the video and to have a go at the different fitness and dance activities. 

We would love to hear or see how you get on. Can you complete all of the routine without stopping? How do you feel by the end of the workout?



You have worked so hard all week. Now it's time to relax and play with your favourite toys and games. You could colour, draw or even watch a film. Whatever you choose, have a fun and enjoy yourself!


Useful Resources to help with your learning today.