Scale Model Solar System laugh

Before the Easter break, KS2 children constructed a scale model of the solar system on the field! In our solar system, the Earth is a distance of 1 Astronomical Unit (AU) from the Sun:

1 Astronomical Unit is a vast distance. It is equal to about 150 million kilometres. In digits, that is 150,000,000 km.


On the field, we decided that 1 AU would be equal to 3 metres. Then we calculated how far the other planets would be in comparison. As you can see from Chloe and Bella's (shaky) video below, some planets are very, very far away! Outstanding work girls! smiley

Chloe and Bella's finished solar system:

Toilet Roll Timeline

Last week, Key Stage 2 children used a 'toilet roll' timeline to order key events in British and world history, ranging from 3000 BC to 2020 AD. As you can see, it became rather long - good job the corridors were quiet! (Don't worry, we recycled the toilet rolls!!! laugh)

And the video:

Still image for this video
(we had to speed this up!)

Easter Island Heads

Key Stage 2 produced clay figurines based on the famous and mysterious moai heads found on Easter Island. Excellent work everyone! Do you think they'll last over 500 years like the real statues? wink  

Welcome to the gallery! We will be uploading some new photos of the children's work!