W/B 04.01.21

Wednesday 6th January

Welcome back to our Spring term. We are very sad that we are not at school as we were looking forward to seeing your lovely faces and hearing about your last two weeks. We hope that you have had good Christmas, even if it was different to usual! 

We love seeing photos of you and hearing about all of the things that you do and also what you fill your time with, when you are not at school. 

We also know that you will be missing seeing your friends faces and sharing your experiences with each other. So all of the Year 3 teachers came up with a plan...


Sharing Challenge

The teachers have posted one photo of something that they would like to share with you about their Christmas holiday on the Year 3 page, underneath the work folders. 

Can you find a photo and send it to us with a caption, to show us something that you would like to share about the holiday. 


Watch out for new additions to the gallery... Can you spot your photo and your friends?


Further maths support / practise - if necessary.

Our exciting Reading with Logan story

For our reading this term, we are going to be reading a new book. Below there are two pictures showing the front cover and blurb.

Have a look at the cover and read the blurb and have a think about...

1) What is this book about.

2) What problems might there be?

3) Who are the characters?

4) What would you like to know? 

Tomorrow, we have a very special story telling dog waiting to read to you!  



Imagine that you are ill like the bear in the story.

Draw three pictures showing ways that you could help yourself get better and write a sentence under each one to explain what is happening.


If you believe in God, do you think God makes us better when we are ill? Write you thoughts under your picture.

Thursday 7th January



Reading with Logan: Introduction

What is your prediction for the events in the story?

Why do you think cucumbers make safer pets than dragons?


Example Map

Thank you for sharing your Christmas photos, it's so lovely to see you all. There's still time to send one in, if your photo is not in our gallery- your friends would love to see what you've been up to! 

Friday 8th January



LO: To summarise key ideas from a text

Reading with Logan: Chapter 1

Do you think Grandad knows more than he is letting on?

Can you draw picture of what the Bongle-Plant and 'Dragon Fruit' might look like?
Add annotations for extra detail.


What is Light? Clip 1

Sources of Light - Clip 2