W/B 11.01.21

Monday 11th January

Happy Monday everyone.

We hope that you have had a lovely weekend and found lots of time to play at home and maybe do some walking in the local area. Thank you to everyone who has shared photos of their Christmas holiday with us, we hope that you enjoyed seeing each other! 


This week's gallery is a showcase of some super home learning from last week that people have sent in again. See if your work made it into the gallery! Remember that presentation, care and high standards are very important!  


We look forward to seeing lots more work this week. Keep trying hard and enjoy your learning. 

Remember, if you need any help or need to ask a question- you can e mail us on our Year group page. 




Reading with Logan: Chapter 2

How do you think Tomas feels about the strange fruit and why?

What do think is happening to the dragon fruit?

Draw a before and after picture of the transformation.


To keep you fit and healthy, there is a link underneath to a Dance workout. See if you can follow all of the moves! Enjoy!


Tuesday 12th January



Reading with Logan: Chapter 3

How does Tomas feel about his new discovery?

Can you draw a picture of what the creature might look like?
Use adjectives to annotate the drawing.


Clip 1


Clip 2

Wednesday 13th January



LO: To use inverted commas to demarcate spoken words

Reading with Logan: Chapter 4

Why was Tomas initially stuck for words?

What do you think Tomtom (the cat) is going to do next?

Design your own dragon and then write a description about its appearance.


Thursday 14th January



LO: To punctuate direct speech

Reading with Logan: Chapter 5

Why do you think Tomtom wanted to attack the dragon?

What would you do if you were Tomas in this situation?

What does 'malice' mean and why has the author chosen to use this vocabulary?


Week 2 Mining in the Valleys

The Big Pit Mine Wales UK Travel With Kids Wales

Explore the Big Pit coal mine in Wales near Cardiff. Descend down deep underground to learn about the Welsh history of coal mining in this fun tour for kids ...

Blank sheet if you choose to print

Diagram of a Welsh Valley

Friday 15th January



LO: To plan ideas for a traditional story.

Ideas for beginnings, middles and ends

Reading with Logan: Chapter 6

Write a description of Tomas's room following all the chaos that happened!

Do you think his parents are becoming suspicious?

What do you think is going to happen next?

Religious Education