W/B 18.01.21

Monday 18th January



Reading with Logan: Chapter 7

What words other than 'fragile' would his parents describe him as?

Why do Tomas and his Grandad have such a strong connection?

Why did Grandad wink and let Tomas keep the tree?

Computing 2Code (turtle)

Music- Pulse and Rhythm 

Our Music lesson today is led by instrument teachers from Dudley Performing Arts. Don't worry about stopping and discussing, unless you want to, as these videos were meant to be used in school.  It's a great lesson at home too. All that you need are your ears, hands and your body! 


You will learn about pulse and rhythm which we will learn how to write down next week. Enjoy and have fun! 

Tuesday 19th January



Reading with Logan: Chapter 8

What do you think had really happened to the neighbours garden?

If you were Tomas what would you have named the dragon?

Can you summarise this chapter in four sentences or less?

Science - Length of Shadows

For today's lesson you are going to need a light source (torch, lamp, phone) and some opaque material to make a shadow puppet (card, material) as well as a ruler/ tape measure. 

Clip 2

Clip 3

PE - Dance

For your dance practise this week there is just 1 dance to watch and follow. See if you can watch this a few times and improve your performance and keep your body healthy. Have fun!

Wednesday 20th January



LO: To write a traditional story

Reading with Logan: Chapter 9

What do you think Flicker might do whiles Tomas is at school?

Are Ted's facts about bananas actually correct?

How would you have carried out poo patrol?

Geography and Art

Thursday 21st January


Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd January

LO: To evaluate a traditional storyLO: To present and publish a traditional story

Reading with Logan: Chapter 10

Why do you think Tomas doesn't want to tell his friends?

What does 'serenely' mean and why has the author used this word?

Do you think his Grandad know what is really going on?



PE: If you're not sure what it is, ask someone at home, you might even get them to join in! Alternatively, you could use the internet to help you.

Friday 22nd January


Reading with Logan: Chapter 11

Do you think Lolli is going to expose the secret?

If you could have a pet dragon, what would they look like?

What do you think is happening down the far corner of the library?


An Optional Weekend Challenge (Design Technology)


After you have learnt all about how to keep your teeth clean and healthy in your PSHE lesson, have a go at designing a meal or dish that is sugar free or low in sugar.  If you get the chance to make your meal or dish, take a photo and send it in to the Year 3 e-mail address.