W/B 25.01.21

Monday 25th January

Welcome to your 4th week of Home Learning. We are all really proud of how hard that you are working at home, watching the videos and producing some super work. Thank you for sharing this with us, it brightens our day when we receive e mails from you! Remember to have a look in the gallery to see if your work has been chosen this week.  There are some pieces of work completed to an excellent standard both in work and presentation!  If your work isn't there,  keep sending us work as we change the gallery every week and next week - it could be your work in there! 


We also hope that you have found some time this week to enjoy the snow! All of the teachers have worked very hard to build snowmen! 


Keep working hard this week and let us know if you need any help with your home learning!  



LO: To spell words with the suffixes -ness, -full, -less.

Reading with Logan: Chapter 12

Do you think Liam is going to get revenge on Tomas, if so how?

What do you think Flicker is going to do next?

Computing 2Code

Music - Ostinato and Rap

Lesson 2

We hope that you enjoyed last week's lesson from the instrumental teachers in Dudley. This week you will be learning about ostinato and rap. Today, as none of you will be in class, you will need to choose whose team that you would like to be on, when they split into parts! 

Remember to sing as join in  as you like at home (unless someone else in the house  is busy working!) and enjoy the lesson! 

Tuesday 26th January



LO: To identify the features of a haiku

Reading with Logan: Chapter 13

How do you think his friends feel about what is happening?

What might Tomas do to ensure Liam won't find out about Flicker?


For this lesson you are going to need a ruler or something to draw a straight line.

Clip 1

Clip 3

Clip 4


Can you follow all of the moves and keep dancing for 22 minutes? Enjoy!

Wednesday 27th January



LO: To plan ideas for a haiku

Reading with Logan: Chapter 14

Tomas thinks his mum has superpowers... If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?

What do you think is going to happen with the dragon-fruit tree?


Compass Directions

Thursday 28th January



LO: To write a haiku

Reading with Logan: Chapter 15

What do you think the true origin of the book is?

What might Flicker be looking at outside the window?

Do you think they will find more dragons?


What is a miracle?

Friday 29th January



LO: To publish and evaluate my haiku.

Reading with Logan: Chapter 16

How might Grandad feel not being allowed to join the bat watch?

Do you think there is anyone watching Tomas, if so who and why?

What could happen next?


Saying how old you are


I hope you're all feeling fit!  Yesterday the children at school did some circuit training and were feeling great afterwards. (Some were a little tired!)  Today it is your turn.  This time, spell out your favourite colour, or the name of a pet.  Which is your favourite activity?  Which activity do you find the hardest?