Maths (all sets)

Fri 5 March - two step problems

Thurs 4 March - add and subtract integers

Wed 3 March - inverse addition and subtraction

Tue 2 March - written subtraction

Mon 1 March - written addition

Fri 26 Feb - interpreting remainders

Thurs 25 Feb - dividing by larger two digit divisors

Wed 24 Feb - written division with two digit divisors

Tue 23 Feb - written method for division with one digit divisors

Mon 22 Feb - mental methods for division

Friday 12th - Substitute Numbers into Expressions

Thursday 11th - Adding Like Terms in Expressions

Wednesday 10th - Writing Expressions

Tuesday 9th - Two Step Function Machines

Monday 8th - Maths Part 2

Monday 8th - Maths Part 1

Friday 5th - Maths Part 2

Friday 5th - Maths Part 1

Maths Wednesday 4th - Multiplying Fraction Problem Solving

Wednesday 3rd - Fraction x Fraction

Wednesday 3rd - Basic Skills

Tuesday 2nd - Multiply Fractions Efficiently

Tuesday 2nd - Basic Skills

Monday 1st - Multiplying Fractions by Whole Numbers

Friday 29th - Basic Skills - Negative Numbers in Context

Thursday 28th - Angles in Isosceles Triangles

Please see the assignment on Teams!

Maths Wednesday 27th - Angles in a Triangle

Maths Tuesday 26th - Opposite Angles

Please see the assignment on Teams!

Maths Monday 25th - Finding Missing Angles

Please complete the assignment on Teams!

Basic Skills Monday 25th

Maths Friday 22nd - Main Lesson - Parallelograms

Maths Friday 22nd - Basic Skills

Maths Thursday 21st - Area of Triangles Part 2

Maths Thursday 21st - Basic Skills

Maths Wednesday 20th - Area of Right-Angle Triangles

Maths Wednesday 20th - Basic Skils

Maths Tuesday 19th - Solve Problems using Area and Perimeter

There is also a Basic Skills video below! (Again!)

Maths Tuesday 19th - Basic Skills

Maths Monday 18th - Area and Perimeter

There is also a Basic Skills video below!

Maths Monday 18th - Basic Skills

Maths Friday 15th January - area problems

Maths 14 January - area of compound shapes

Wednesday 13th Maths Comparing Averages

Tuesday 12th Maths - Inverse Averages

Monday 11th Jan Maths Averages

This is the maths work today for BOTH GROUPS.
There is a Teams activity to complete after watching this video.

Maths Homework - Friday 8th January

You will need to log into Mathletics - please let me know if you have forgotten your password or username! Have a great weekend!

Maths Friday 8th - Miles and Kilometres

There is an assignment to complete on Teams.

Maths Thursday 7th - Solving Problems Involving Units of Measurement

There is a Basic Skills assignment and a Main assignment on Teams.

Maths Wednesday 6th - Estimating Units of Measurement

There are 2 assignments on Teams - Basic Skills and the Main Lesson

Maths Friday 27th - Finding Missing Percentages

Please see the quiz on Teams. Well done for all of your hard work this week!

Maths Thursday 26th Main Lesson - Working Backwards with Percentages

Please go to Teams to complete today's assignment. Remember that there is a Basic Skills video below as well!

Maths Thursday 26th Basic Skills

Remember there is a separate Basic Skills assignment on Teams today.

Maths Wednesday 25th - Use one Percentage to Find Another

Please see the assignment on Teams!

Maths Tuesday 24th - Finding Percentages

See the quiz below:

Monday 23rd - Main Lesson

See the quiz below!

Monday 23rd - Basic Skills

Review of the answers to today's basic skills - skip to the questions you found challenging.

Maths Friday 20th - Fractions of Amounts

See below for the link to today's quiz.

Maths Thursday 19th - Compare and Order Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

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Maths Wednesday 18th - Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

See below for the quiz on Teams! Hope it works better than yesterday!