Maths (Mrs. Messenger and Mr. T. Roddison)

Maths Homework Friday 8th - SMTR Set

Please let me know on Teams if you do not have your log-in details! Have a great weekend!

Maths Friday 8th Jan - SMTR Set

There is an assignment to complete on Teams. Have a lovely weekend!

Maths Thursday 7th - SMTR Set

There is an assignment on Teams!

Maths Wednesday 6th - SMTR Set

There is no Teams assignment today - it is all explained on the video!

SMTR Maths Fri 27 Nov

SMTR Maths Thurs 26 Nov

SMTR Maths Wed 25 Nov FINAL

SMTR Maths Tue 24 Nov

SMTR Maths Mon 23 Nov

Fri 20 Nov SMTR



Just a quick message to say that on the independent work below, question 2 and question 7 are incorrect - oops! See if you can spot the mistake! Thanks to Caitlin for spotting it!


We all mistakes sometimes!


Mrs. Messenger

Thursday 19th November

Wednesday 18th November