We hope you all had a lovely weekend. We have another week of home learning planned for you and we hope that you enjoy the activities as much as you did last week. At the bottom of this page there are also some useful learning aids, visual prompts and worksheets  that you could print out to help you.

Remember, you don't have to do all of these activities and you can change or adapt them in any way you like.  

If you would like to share your work with us, then remember to email our Year One email 


Starter of the Day Challenge.

Can you read the tricky words below? 

How fast can you read all of them? (maybe a grown up could time you!)

If there are any words that you are finding particularly tricky, maybe you could write them and put them around the house, try reading it every time you go past the word.







Today we are going to be thinking about addition. How many words can you tell a grown up that we use in addition?  Look at the list below and see how many you remembered.



further down the page you will find a video for our lesson today. You can play this and work though the lesson. Alternatively, the calculations that we would like you to complete are shown below.   Can you show how you find the answer? Record the calculation and any working out. There are some printable. resources attached at the bottom of the page which may be useful. 





This week our English work is based on a book called Stanley's Stick by John Hegley.

Before listening to the story.

If you haven't read the story before then look at the front cover carefully and with your grown up think about the title of the story and the images we can see. Now make a prediction about the story. What do you think will happen? Why do you think this? You could write this down if you like.


Listen to the story and enjoy it! Click on the link at the bottom of the page. 



Can you remember what happened at each stage of the story? 

We would like you to re-tell the story in your own words. Below you will find some pictures that you could print out and use. You could write about each picture from the story and re-tell each part of the story, or you can draw your own picture and then re-tell the story in sentences. There are sheets attached below that you can use if you wish. 


Need some help?- If you find writing a little tricky, try your best to write at least 1 sentence that summarises the story. Or, you could orally re-tell the story and ask a grown up to film you! 


However you decide to re-tell the story we would love to see your outcomes.  




Challenge: How much detail can you include in your writing? Can you include any of these words from the original story:  grand, extinct, pretend, hurl and fantastic!





Some of you have been in touch and have asked about where reading books or reading material can be accessed. At the bottom of the page today, under the useful resources section, you will find a file that explains how to access Oxford Owl, where you can access and download books.  This is a free resource but you will need to register and then select an appropriate reading age for your child.  We hope that this will be useful.


Remember to try and read for at least 10 minutes to a grown up at home. Record this in your reading diary and remember to talk about the book as you read. 




Our new topic this half term is called 'Through the Keyhole' It is all about homes and houses and will be a history based topic, looking at how homes and houses have changed throughout history. 


You  might like to watch the video, further down the page, that will talk you through our lesson and give you some examples of different styles of houses throughout History.



We would like to create a timeline that shows houses throughout history.  Use the pictures attached at the bottom of the page, print them out, cut them out and then create your own timeline by sticking them into chronological order on the separate sheet. 


Challenge. Add any some facts to your timeline. Can you explain a feature or style of each period of house? 







Click on the link below to play time trial on phonics bloom. How many phonemes can you remember? Can you get them all correct?


Adding lesson

Houses Timeline Lesson.

A message from Mr Nolan.

Mr Nolan- story time

Mr Nolan reads Down in the woods at Sleepytime. Enjoy!