laughIt's Monday and time for a new week of home learning. laugh

All of your work so far has been brilliant and we are so proud of you all!heart

 This is our last week before half term so let's end a great half term with some amazing learning.

Start of the day challenge

Phonics- 'ew'


Today, we will be revisiting the ‘ew’ grapheme. This grapheme can make 2 sounds.

It can make the ‘ew’ (oo) or ‘ew’ (you) sound just like the ‘ue’ we learnt last week.

As you say the word, you need to check for which sounds better.


Play the Obb and Bob game on phonics play to practise reading words with the 'ew' graphemes.

Click Phase 5 and select the ‘ew’ grapheme.

Remember, Phonics play is currently free use the login details below so you can use it at anytime.  

username: jan21

password: home


Our maths topic this week is statistics and data handling... but what could this mean?

Finding the difference in tables-video


This week, we are moving onto non-fiction writing and will be creating non-chronological reports.

Monday Comprehension

L.O: to answer a range of VIPER questions about a non fiction text.


LO: To know that living things live in habitats to which they are suited.

Science habitat video