Good Morning and welcome to the start of a brand new week.

We hope you enjoy the activities we have planned.


Starter of the Day Challenge.

Can you work out which multiples of 2 are missing?




This week we are going to continue to look at Julia Donaldson as a focus author. This week we are going to use the text Fox's Socks. If you have the book, you can share it with somebody at home. Alternatively, click on the video below to listen to Ms Cooper read the story to you. 

After listening to the story, we would like you to find all of the rhyming words in the story. 

Can you write them down?

Look at the words carefully?  where did you hear and see the rhyming words?

what makes them rhyme?

There is a sheet with the text typed out, in the useful resource section. You could print this out and highlight the rhyming words.

Fox's Socks

Listen carefully as Ms Cooper reads the story and gives you a clue about our work this week.
Can you spot the rhyming words in the story?


Read a book to a grown up for at least 10 minutes. Can you spot any tricky words in your book today? Remember to record your reading in your school reading diary.


Click on the link below to play the Yes/No game. Read the sentence carefully and work out if the answer is yes or no.

Maths 08.02.21

Monday 8th Feb History

Story Time.- Ms Carr reads Have you seen the Crocodile?