Good morning everybody! Welcome back to another week of Home Learning.

We hope you enjoy today's activities.


Starter of the Day Challenge.

How many words can you make using the graphemes in the table below?

s a t p i
n sh b ai ee
igh oa oo k f



This week our book focus is Not Now Bernard by David Mckee.

Today we would like you to listen to the story and then think about the characters in the story and how they might be feeling throughout the story. 


Not Now Bernard by David McKee

We now want you to pretend that you are one of the characters in the story. You could be Mum, Dad, Bernard or the Monster. We call this hot seating. When you sit on a special 'Hot Seat' you are no longer yourself, but instead a character from the story! 

Ask a grown up to interview you. 

Remember, you need to speak and act like the character. 

  • How do you think each character feels in the story? why?
  • Do they feel differently at different parts of the story? 
  • Can you explain what you were thinking?
  • Why did you say.......?

You don't need to record anything today as we are focusing on our speaking skills. However, this will help you in tomorrows lesson.



This week in Maths we are going to focus on measuring lengths.

Today is a practical lesson. We would like you to explore some objects around your house and compare the lengths of them using the vocabulary,


Look at the picture below,

Which caterpillar is longer?

Which one is shorter?

How do we know?


Remember, you need to make sure that the objects are lined up neatly to compare the objects fairly. 


Find some objects around your house and see if you can compare their lengths. 

Take some photos of the objects you compare. You might want to label the shortest and longest objects and put several objects in order. Remember to make sure that all of the objects are lined up to help measure and compare them accurately. 





Remember to read to a grown up for at least 10 minutes. Can you spot any tricky words in your book today.

Record your reading in your reading diary.


Year 1 Phonics a-e split vowel


This half term we are going to continue to be Historians. Our topic for this half term is 'Historical Heroes' Each week we are going to look at a different famous person that is remembered because of their achievements.


Today, we are going to learn all about Florence Nightingale.


Your task today is to find out who she was, what she did and what she is remembered for. You can choose how to present your findings. This might be a poster, a fact-file, a drawing and some sentences, or a mind-map. Be as creative as you can. 

The links below will help you and Magic Grandad is also here to help us again!

Useful Resources to help you with your Learning Today.