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We hope you have a lovely day and enjoy your home learning tasks.

Start of the day challengelaugh

Over the next few weeks in phonics, we will be learning alternative (different) ways of saying the same grapheme.

Today’s grapheme is the short sound ‘i’(tin) grapheme and how it can also make the long vowel sound i(eye).

Read the words below, which ones have the short ‘I’ sound and which ones has the long vowel ‘I’ sound. Then sort them into a table.



We are starting a new and exciting English topic this week!

I wonder what it will be...

Monday's English video

Maths- Number

We will be revisiting number this week, focusing on developing your understanding of the numbers in the number system. Some of the work will revisit previous learning but there should be an element of challenge through reasoning and problem solving extension tasks.

Monday's Maths

Science- Living Things and their Habitats

Science Basic Needs video