Good morning Year 2, we hope you've had a lovely weekend and ready to start a new school week of home learning.laugh

Start of the day challenge

Today, we will be learning about the alternative pronunciation for the grapheme 'ch'.

We have seen this grapheme before in the words chocolate, church, coach and chin.

However, it can also make another sound 'ch'(c)  the soft c sound in cat.


Look at the words below they all have the 'ch' (c) grapheme making the soft c sound. 


chemist     Chris        chorus          chemical       school      Christmas


Activity- Can you sort these words into the correct group?




This week, we are learning about addition and addition facts. 

*** the date should be 01. 03.21*** 


Monday's maths


Monday's English video

Science: Food Chains

LO: To describe how animals obtain their food from plants and other animals.

This afternoon, you will be learning about and creating your own food chain!


Click on the link to watch the video first: What is a food chain? - KS1 Science - BBC Bitesize


This afternoon, we would like you to create some of your own food chains! Here are some examples to give you some ideas. Click on the document below and choose your level of difficulty. Enjoy! smiley