Monday 29th November 2021

Good morning Year 3!heart


Good morning, we find ourselves doing online learning again but it will only be for one day and we will welcome you back to school on Tuesday.

laughWe hope you've been enjoying the snow!laugh


Today we will be continuing with our multiplication and division topic in maths. Watch the video and complete the questions using your multiplication and division facts for 3x table.


3x table


Monday's English


Our R.E topic for this half term has been  about Christmaslaugh. We have been discussing our key question and already it has made us think deeply about the true meaning of Christmas. 


Your task today is to draw a poster with all the things that show what Christmas means to you.

You can label and write sentences on your poster to explain why you have included those things.


In PSHE we have been celebrating differences and we have recently been looking at anti-bullying. This week we are going to continue with this and think about words that harm. Have a look at the statement below and think about if you agree with it or not?


For your activity today I would like you to:

1) Think of one word that could be hurtful.

2) Think about why someone would use that hurtful word.

3) Use the ‘Solve it together’ technique to resolve the situation.

You could write or draw how you would solve it.