laughHappy Monday everyone!laugh

We hope you have had a nice weekend and are ready for this weeks home learning. We were super impressed with your FANTASTIC work last week, and we LOVED receiving pictures and videos from your grown-ups. Keep up the fabulous work! heart

Start of the Day Challenge


Sorry about the number that appears randomly in the video.laugh

Subtraction on number line


Our English work this week is linked to the lovely story 'Big Bear Little Brother'.

I hope you like this weeks tasks, and enjoy listening to part of the story today. smiley


Monday's English - Big Bear Little Brother video


This afternoon, you will be continuing your learning about living things. We have put this as a video for you to help you understand this next objective a little better.

Below is a sheet for you to use to complete your work today or you can do this on paper.

Living, Dead or Never Alive

Science activity