Welcome to the start of week 3 of Home Learning. We hope you all had a lovely weekend and we hope you enjoy your activities today and try your very best for your grown ups  with the learning we have asked you to do.


Starter of the day Challenge.

Can you remember your number bonds to 10?

Click on the link below to play a game and see if you have remembered your number bonds to 10- Good Luck.



Adjectives Lesson 18.01.21

Listen to Mrs Johnson as she works through your lesson today and explains your task.


Today we are going to look at counting in 10's. By the end of the lesson today we would like you to be able to count in 10's from 0 up to 100. You might even be able to count backwards too, but this is much trickier so don't worry if you find this harder.

Click on the links below and listen to the different counting in 10 songs. Which one do you like the best? see if you can play it a couple of times and join in with the counting. 

Look carefully at how we write the multiples of 10. Can you see how they always end in a zero?

We would like you to get creative today and practise counting in 10's. By the end of the lesson, see if you are able to count from 0 up to 100, confidently! 

How could you do this? 

Below are some ideas to help you but you can be as creative as you like.

  • Write out the 10's and order them, jump along each number.
  • Make up your own song, chant or rhyme.
  • Count up and down the stairs. 
  • Paint the numbers and make your own numberline to hang up in your house.




We would love to see your work. You can send us photos or videos to the Year One email. Good Luck and Have Fun!

Year 1 Phonics oy grapheme.

Today we will focus on the 'oy' grapheme. Follow along with the lesson and try your best to join and read the words with our new alternative grapheme.


Read to an adult for at least 10 mins and remember to record this in your reading diary.  Talk about the book as you read and remember to use your phonics skills to help you sound out and blend any difficult or new words in your book.


Shout out to the children who have been in touch last week and have told us they have achieved their next certificate! This is brilliant! 

History lesson 2.

Listen carefully as Mrs Johnson talks you through our lesson today and sets your activity.

Story Time.

Mr Nolan reads our story today- Quiet! Hope you enjoy it!