Happy Monday everyone! 

We hope you are all ok and have had a lovely weekend.

Are you ready for this weeks home learning? 

laughKeep up the AMAZING work this week - we can do it!laugh

Start of the day challenge

This week, we will be revisiting some graphemes children have previously been taught. 

In Phase 5 Phonics, children learn a new range of graphemes and phonemes for reading. They are taught, for example, that the phoneme 'a' can be represented by the graphemes 'ay' or 'a-e.'

Alternative pronunciations for graphemes are also introduced too, later on. Such as 'ea' in 'pea,' 'read' and 'break.' 

Today, we will be looking at the grapheme ‘ay'. We have seen this before as the grapheme 'ai' and as a split digraph 'a_e'. 




The /ay/ spelling pattern - Mr Thorne Does Phonics

Click  'ay' and play the Obb and Bob game.



This week, we will be moving onto multiplication.

Equal groups Monday

English - Instruction Texts

Monday's English video


This week in science, we are continuing our learning about things that are alive and have never been alive - following on from last Monday's lesson.


Today, we would like you to go on a hunt in your local environment (this could be in your back garden or during a walk in your local area) to look for examples of the following things:

- things that are alive

- things that have never been alive


During your hunt, you could take photos or draw some things you have found.

We would like you to either:

- complete the table below

- create a poster or booklet, showing your findings


We look forward to seeing your work. laugh