A special message for Year One.

Welcome to another week of Home Learning. It's Monday and we hope you all had a lovely weekend. Are you ready for today's learning?


Starter of the Day Challenge.

Can you read these real and alien words to a grown up? How many alien words are there? How do we know they are alien words? Remember to be grapheme detectives and spot the graphemes within the words. 





It's the start of a new week and that means a brand new topic. Watch the video below for today's lesson and activities.

Monday 25.01.21



This week we are continuing to use the story of Dogger for our English Work.

You might find it useful to listen to the story again, to remind yourself of events and characters. This can be found below this outline of today's activity. 


This week we would like you have a go at re-telling the story of Dogger in your own words. We want you to try and include as much detail as possible and to try your very best with your spelling and handwriting.


To make this a little bit easier, we are going to spend the next 3 days, re-telling the story.

Today we want you to write just the beginning of the story.- (up to where Dave discovers he has lost Dogger)


In the useful resource section, there are documents which may help , including a  word mat and pictures from the story and page borders.  


  • Capital letters at the start of a sentence and for names of characters.
  • Finger spaces between words.
  • Phonics for sounding out.
  • Adjectives to add detail and description.
  • Full stops at the end of every sentence.


Dogger-read by Ms Cooper

Listen carefully as Ms Cooper reads the story- Dogger.


Watch the video below to join in with our phonics lesson today. Today we are going to look at the alternative grapheme 'ue' 


Year 1 Phonics ue grapheme.

Today we focus on the ue grapheme. Follow along with the lesson and try your best to join in and read the words.


Read to a grown up for at least 10 minutes. Talk about the book and remember to use your phonics to sound out any new words. Record you reading in your reading diary.

You should all have received a letter from Mr Roddison last week, giving you some ideas of how to access some online reading materials.

History 25. 01. 21.

Watch the video below and listen carefully as Ms Cooper explains how Kitchens have changed throughout time.

Story Time.- Ms Carr reads How to catch a Mouse.