Good Morning Year 2!

You may wish to start today with writing down some of your goals for this week. What do you want to achieve?


Examples may include:

My goal is to have some relaxing time at the end of each day.

My goal is to make someone smile each day.

My goal is to try hard with my home learning.

My goal is to do more reading this week.

My goal is to do some exercise every day. 


You could send us your goals if you like. smiley


Maths- Division

This week, you are starting a new maths topic - division!



To develop your division skills, you will be answering lots of calculations, and solving lots of problems, investigations and challenges - we know you like your maths challenges, Year 2! smileylaugh

Monday - Division video




Monday's English

Science: Living Things

LO: To identify and name animals in their habitats.

This afternoon within science, you will be finding out about four different types of habitats: desert, woodland, pond and ocean.

Lets recap on what a habitat is:


First, we would like you to click on each video clip below to find out about each habitat.






Now, we would like you to click on the document below in order to sort the animals into the habitat they live in. 

- If you have a printer, you could print out the document, cutting out/drawing the animal pictures and putting them in their correct habitat.

- If you do not have a printer, you could draw the four habitats on some paper, and then draw the animals that live there, using the document below to help you.