Welcome to Monday's Home Learning.

We hope you all had a lovely, restful weekend.


Starter of the Day Challenge.

Watch the video clip below and join in with the 5 mindfulness exercises. Think about how they make you feel. Hopefully they will help you feel calm and focused. 

5 Mindfulness Exercises for Kids 🌟😊

Here are 5 easy and practical mindfulness techniques kids from the age of 5+ can use to self-regulate, calm down, tune into their listening and sharpen conce...


This week in English we are having an author focus for our work.  Can you work out from the picture above, who our author is? Maybe you recognise some of the characters in the picture. Watch the short video below to see what your activity is today and to find out who our author focus is. 


Monday 01. 02. 21


Today we are going to look at counting in 2's. By the end of the lesson today, we would like you to be able to count in 2's, forwards and backwards.

Click on the links below to listen to a selection of different counting in 2's songs. Think about which one you like best and play it a few times and join in.


We would like you to practise counting in 2's, and do this in lots of different ways with different objects around the house.

Can you count the stairs in your house in 2's?

Can you make your own number line?

How high can you count forwards in 2's?

Can you count coins? cars? pasta shapes, lego bricks, teddies?



Mrs Johnson has also modelled a few ideas in the video below. 

We would love to see how you get on and what you use to help you count in 2's.



Counting by two's


Remember to read to an adult for at least 10 minutes and record your reading in your reading diary. Can you spit any tricky words in your story today?




Year 1 Phonics - Stand alone i

Join and try to read the the words with the stand alone i in.

Monday 1st Feb History

Story Time.- Ms Carr reads What the ladybird heard.

Useful Resources to help with your learning today.