Marvellous Monday

Monday 1st February

Welcome back to our fifth week of home learning. All of your teachers are so proud of how hard that you are all working at home. If you have a look at the gallery of work this week, it is bursting with excellent pieces of work. We have been so happy with all the brilliant work that you have all been doing. Thank you also to your clever adults for their help and support.


This week it is Children's Mental Health week and that means that every day this week we are going to start  off with taking time to think about how we are feeling.

We look forward to seeing some photos showing the things that you do.

Hopefully it will make you feel better and happier as wherever you are at the moment things are a bit strange and unusual. 

Watch our Royal Patron HRH The Duchess of Cambridge's video message to mark the start of the Children's Mental Health Week.

Marvellous Monday Starter

This Year the theme for Children's Mental Health Week is Expressing yourself. This basically means showing your thoughts and feelings. Sometimes this can be tricky because we have to behave or are meant to do things in a certain way.

There are many ways that you can learn to express yourself. 
At some point today, choose one of the cards below and have a go at the activity. This could be in between lessons, at the end of the day, before you start- you can choose. 




LO: To spell words with the 'ou' spelling saying /u/

Reading with Logan: Chapter 17

Where could the other dragons be living?

How might Grim get justice for all the destruction?

Do you think Liam saw any of the dragons, if so what might he do?

Computing 2Code

This is your last week developing your coding skills...... can you defend the castle?


Get ready to smile this week as it is really fun and to a great song- 'Dance Monkey.'
Enjoy learning about rhythm and more body percussion.