Good morning everyone! We hope you have had a nice weekend and have enjoyed the wintery weather with your family. We miss you all very much!

Here is your home learning for today - we hope you are all ready for your tasks. laugh

Start of the Day Challenge

For your morning phonics challenges this week, we will be focusing on split digraphs. Please click on the video below to remind yourself what a split digraph is.

Beware... the song is very catchy! laugh


The Split Digraph Song

Your Phonics Task - Split Digraph a_e

Write the correct a_e words in your book.

Challenge: Can you write each word in a sentence with a capital letter and full stop?



See the video below for more information.

10 more than and 10 less than


Reading comprehension


LO: To identify and name animals in their habitats.


Our new Biology topic in Science is 'Living Things and their Habitats'!


Please have a read through the key words with your grown-up, thinking about what they mean.


Task: This afternoon, we would like you go outside, in your garden or on a little walk with your grown-up, and look at what different animals (including mini-beasts) you can find. Think about where the animals live (their habitat) and why they may live there - for example, they can hide from their pray, eat lots of food, or stay warm. 


You may want to take photographs of the different animals you spot, write them down in a list, draw them, and then create a poster to show what animals you saw. We would love to see some of your photographs, drawings and posters!