Watch the videos and answer the questions.

Remember to use full sentence answers!

Reading with Logan: Introduction

What is your prediction for the events in the story?

Why do you think cucumbers make safer pets than dragons?

Reading with Logan: Chapter 1

Do you think Grandad knows more than he is letting on?

Can you draw picture of what the Bongle-Plant and 'Dragon Fruit' might look like?
Add annotations for extra detail.

Reading with Logan: Chapter 2

How do you think Tomas feels about the strange fruit and why?

What do think is happening to the dragon fruit?

Draw a before and after picture of the transformation.

Reading with Logan: Chapter 3

How does Tomas feel about his new discovery?

Can you draw a picture of what the creature might look like?
Use adjectives to annotate the drawing.

Reading with Logan: Chapter 4

Why was Tomas initially stuck for words?

What do you think Tomtom (the cat) is going to do next?

Design your own dragon and then write a description about its appearance.

Reading with Logan: Chapter 5

Why do you think Tomtom wanted to attack the dragon?

What would you do if you were Tomas in this situation?

What does 'malice' mean and why has the author chosen to use this vocabulary?

Reading with Logan: Chapter 6

Write a description of Tomas's room following all the chaos that happened!

Do you think his parents are becoming suspicious?

What do you think is going to happen next?

Reading with Logan: Chapter 7

What words other than 'fragile' would his parents describe him as?

Why do Tomas and his Grandad have such a strong connection?

Why did Grandad wink and let Tomas keep the tree?

Reading with Logan: Chapter 8

What do you think had really happened to the neighbours garden?

If you were Tomas what would you have named the dragon?

Can you summarise this chapter in four sentences or less?

Reading with Logan: Chapter 9

What do you think Flicker might do whiles Tomas is at school?

Are Ted's facts about bananas actually correct?

How would you have carried out poo patrol?

Reading with Logan: Chapter 10

Why do you think Tomas doesn't want to tell his friends?

What does 'serenely' mean and why has the author used this word?

Do you think his Grandad know what is really going on?

Reading with Logan: Chapter 11

Do you think Lolli is going to expose the secret?

If you could have a pet dragon, what would they look like?

What do you think is happening down the far corner of the library?

Reading with Logan: Chapter 12

Do you think Liam is going to get revenge on Tomas, if so how?

What do you think Flicker is going to do next?

Reading with Logan: Chapter 13

How do you think his friends feel about what is happening?

What might Tomas do to ensure Liam won't find out about Flicker?

Reading with Logan: Chapter 14

Tomas thinks his mum has superpowers... If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?

What do you think is going to happen with the dragon-fruit tree?

Reading with Logan: Chapter 15

What do you think the true origin of the book is?

What might Flicker be looking at outside the window?

Do you think they will find more dragons?

Reading with Logan: Chapter 16

How might Grandad feel not being allowed to join the bat watch?

Do you think there is anyone watching Tomas, if so who and why?

What could happen next?

Reading with Logan: Chapter 17

Where could the other dragons be living?

How might Grim get justice for all the destruction?

Do you think Liam saw any of the dragons, if so what might he do?

Reading with Logan:Chapter 18

Do you think Liam already knows about the dragon?

What might happen next as Tomas rushes away?

Reading with Logan: Chapter 19

What might Mr Firth do when he finds poo in his coffee?

Do you think anyone else saw what happened in the classroom?

Reading with Logan: Chapter 20

How does Tomas feel now that his friends finally know about Flicker?

What do you think Teds 'brilliant' idea is?

Reading with Logan: Chapter 21

Why does Grandad feel disappointed with Tomas?

What might happen when the fruit becomes ripe?

Reading with Logan: Chapter 22

What do you think about all the equipment and food they are taking?

What might happen to the tent during the night?

Reading with Logan: Chapter 23

How would you feel if you were Kai?

How might Grim react when he discovers the destruction?

What could happen next?

Reading with Logan: Chapter 24

Which of the dragons would you prefer and why?

Further describe and explain the emotions of the children.

Reading with Logan: Chapter 25

How does Tomas feel now that everyone has a dragon?

Where do you think Kai's dragon has gone?

Reading with Logan: Chapter 26

Do you think the accusations Grim made were fair?

How might Grandad feel based on the visual evidence?

Reading with Logan: Chapter 27

Did you think the story was going to end in this way?

What might happen next with Tomas, his friends and their dragons?

Can you choose your favourite part of the story and explain why?