6 January 2021

Morning message!

Good morning Year One!

We hope you enjoyed completing the activities yesterday. Today we have planned some different activities for you to have a go at. Tasks and any resources that you may need can be found below at the bottom of the page. Have a good day.


Starter of the Day Challenge.

Can you read these words by using your phonics? Look carefully for the graphemes within the words. Can you spot the alien words? Good Luck.



Today we would like you to think about the start of a brand new year. Many people make a New Year's Resolution on the 1st January. This is something that they would like to achieve, get better at or improve. Talk to people in your family and ask them what they would like to achieve in 2021. 

If we were at school we would be thinking about what we could do as a class to help us improve, work better as a team and make our classroom a nice, happy place to be. We would also be thinking about things we might like to achieve or improve for ourselves. 


  • What could your 2021 goal be?
  • What could you improve?
  • Is there something you wish your were better at?


You can use one of the sheets attached at the bottom of the page, or you might like to draw a picture of you and the goal/goals you might like to set yourself for 2021.




Today we would like you to be problem solvers.

Using the numbers 1-9 explore how many different numbers and totals you can make.

•    How many different calculations can you make?
•    What is the largest total you can make?
•    What is the smallest total you can make?

Challenge: Can you add more than 2 digits together? 

Can you complete a calculation with more than one sign in it?

Can you find a way of working logically so that you find as many possibilities as possible.


Record the calculations and numbers you make. Remember to use jottings to help you and show how you reach an answer.



We were all making FANTASTIC progress with our reading last term. It is really important that we keep reading and continue making super progress with our reading.

Find a book, maybe a favourite and read to a grown up for at least 10 minutes. Talk about your favourite part of the book. See if you can spot any tricky words in the book and most importantly remember to use your phonics to sound out any new words.  Keep recording your reads in your reading diary so that we have LOADS to add to the reading sheet when you all return and hopefully we can AMAZE Mr Roddison and continue to be the BEST IN THE WHOLE SCHOOL!