Start of the day Challenge

Today, we will be revisiting the ‘au’ grapheme.


We have heard this sound before and it can be spelt using the grapheme ‘aw’ and ‘or’.

This ‘au’ is usually found at the beginning of the words, for example, Autumn and automatic.


Read through text and find all the words that have the ‘au’ grapheme. You can write these down in your book or on paper.



Thursday interpreting results video


Today, you will be writing your non-chronological reports on a woodland animal.

You will have 2 days to complete this so there is no rush to get it all done in one lesson.


You can follow my guide but if you feel like you want to get started you can continue on at your own pace. I have tried to break down each part in today's lesson. 

Thursday report

There is a slight error, a question mark has been used at the end of one of my sentences and it shouldn't be there. See if children can spot the mistake. It's definitely time for half term =)


laughGood afternoon Year 2, it's Miss Parchment.laugh

Your lesson today is being taught by Miss Raffan, who has been working with me in school this half term. She has been planning your PSHE lessons and wanted to end this half term with a video. I hope you enjoy it!smiley