Good Morning Everyone. It's Thursday!


A MASSIVE well done for you DT work yesterday! Your books, rhymes and drawings were incredible and it looks like you had a super time making your books. Thank you for working so hard to complete them. You should be really proud of your outcomes.


We hope you enjoy the activities we have planned for you today.

Remember to try your best and take care with your work. We look forward to seeing what you achieve today. 



Guided Reading Task.

This morning our Guided Reading Tasks are based on Superworm by Julia Donaldson. Listen carefully to the story and then complete the two activities on the book. These are in the useful resource section at the bottom of our page.  There are some comprehension questions to answer and then an activity to complete about your favourite character. You can also complete a book review for our story as an extension, if you wish.  

Remember to read to a grown up for at least 10 minutes and record your reading in your school reading diary. 






Books for Kids Read Aloud: (A Julia Donaldson Storybook Collection) Superworm

SuperwormBy Julia DonaldsonIllustrated by Axel SchefflerMeet the wriggliest, squiggliest superhero in the world! Superworm is super-long. Superworm is super-...


Today we want you to be problem solvers and show us you understand the vocabulary we have been using in our topic of Capacity.


Can you work out which bottle of drink belongs to each child?


Read the clues carefully and match up the child with the bottle. 


If you want to continue to explore our new topic of Capacity why not do some estimating today. Find some empty containers and see if you can estimate and then measure how many cups, jugs or bottles of water it will take to fill the different containers. Maybe you could order them after you have measured the capacities. Remember we would love to see and hear about how you get on. 

Valentine's Day Yoga For Kids! 💘 Yoga Club (Week 27) | Cosmic Kids

Get a huge Cosmic Kids hug as we wrap ourselves up in a Yoga Club all about Valentine's Day!⭐

#DrawWithRob 55 Fox

✏️ARE YOU READY TO DRAW? Here's another #DrawWithRob film for you to watch
Today we are drawing a fox, like fox in our story.

Story Time.- Mrs Johnson reads 'A Journey to the North Pole.'- An Alfie Story.