Start of the day challenge

Good Morning Year 2 


Today, we are going to be looking at some tricky words, these are words that we cannot use our phonics to help us sound out. To start with have a look at the video and practice saying the different tricky words. 


Now have a go at the wordsearch, can you find all the different tricky words? 


Today, you will be counting in steps of three from 0 and from any given number.

You don’t have to complete every sheet but choose the one you feel comfortable completing. 



Thursday's Maths


It is in fact 2021, not 2020! Oops cheeky

Thursday's English video

PSHE: Mindfulness

Mindfulness involves paying more attention to the present moment, as well as thoughts and feelings, in an effort to improve mental wellbeing. This afternoon, we would like you to complete some calming breathing activities, and then some mindfulness tasks - we hope you enjoy them. smiley


Mindfulness Breathing Activities


Mindfulness Tasks

You could complete the above task outside (weather depending!)

You could listen to this piece by the composer Vivaldi as you complete the task above:

Vivaldi's Four Seasons - Spring (Part 1) - YouTube