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How are you feeling today?

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Start of the Day Challenge

For your phonics task today, you will be writing words with the o_e split digraph.

Watch Mr Thorne remind you about what a split digraph o_e looks like.

After watching the video, complete the activity below.

Maybe you could write them in your own sentences.

o-e split digraph - Mr Thorne Does Phonics


Thursday word problems video




Welcome back Year 2, we hope you're ready for your afternoon lesson.

We would like you to discuss with your grown up all the things that make you unique, what makes you different to your friends and what makes you the same as your friends.smiley


Using the sentence structure ‘I am…”. create some  ‘I am’ sentences by adding qualities and information such as; brave, a sister, kind. You might want to mind map some ideas first so you can use it as a word bank and then write your sentences.


To extend your learning today, why not create a poster with all the words that make you unique! 

We look forward to seeing your work!laugh


Below is an example of how to present your work today.