Good Morning Year 2!

Today, it is WORLD BOOK DAY, and you will be completing lots of reading and book-based activities!

laughWe hope you have lots of fun and enjoy today's taskslaugh


Remember to take some time today to do some reading too!


Start of the day challenge for World Book Day!

Tricky words

Thursday Morning Activities

World Book Day Scavenger Hunt

You will need lots of books for this activity! You can play using the books you have at home. Don’t worry if you can’t find everything.

Find each of the things on the list below in the books you have. Use the table to record the book you found it in, the page number and whether it was a picture or a word or both!

Here are some other World Book Day activities that you may like to complete this morning:

Afternoon Activities

This afternoon, we would like you to enjoy reading your favourite book!

After reading it, design a new front cover for the book!

Use the template below or present your work on paper.

Things to think about and include in your new front cover:

- include the title of the book

- include the name of author

- think about the setting of the story (if fiction)

- think about the main characters (if fiction)

- include bright and bold colours


*Bring your designs into school next week, and the most creative ones will be put on our classroom doors!*

You could now create a book review based on your favourite book! laugh