Happy Thursday everyone!

We are coming towards the end of another GREAT week of home learning. We have been super impressed with you all so far this week - keep up the EXCELLENT work! laugh

I wonder what your tasks will be today?

Start of the Day Challenge

Read the sentence below. Do you notice anything? Does it have all of the punctuation? What would you rate the sentence out of 10?

Now re-write the sentence, remembering the punctuation, and try to make it INTERESTING and EXCITING laugh


Thursday's Subtraction


Thursday's English video - writing a description


This afternoon, we want you to think about what it means to have a positive attitude - this is especially important during this current time. Read through the following images and have a go at the 'I Am an Amazing Person' task below. smiley

How to be happy:

- smile and laugh laugh

- find ways to relax your mind (listen to music, colour, play with lego, go for a walk, spend time in your garden)

- let go of mistakes (don't be too hard on yourself- we ALL make mistakes, it is a part of learning!)

- talk to family and friends (on the phone, have a video call)

- be kind to your family

- tell your family how much you love them

- start a hobby (baking, writing songs, making up dances, colouring in, drawing something, making cards, writing letters to your family or friends)

- appreciate yourself (be kind to yourself, think about how amazing you are doing with your home learning!)



Now have a go at the following task. You may want to print the sheet out (if you have a printer), or you could create a poster instead, using the sheet to help you.