How are you feeling today? Close your eyes, be still, and think.

Tell your grown-up how you are feeling - you may also want to draw or write down some of your feelings on a piece of paper. 


smiley Be Positive smiley

Think about something that made you feel proud this week. Did you show kindness? Did you help someone? Are you proud of a piece of work you completed?



Start of the Day Challenge

Today you will be revisiting the aw grapheme. This grapheme sounds like the ‘or’ sound we have practised before.

Watch the video below and complete the missing words activity. You can write these in your book.

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /aw/ - YouTube


Division - word problems video


Thursday's English video


This afternoon for PSHE we would like you think about expressing yourself. What does it mean to express yourself? Can you think of different ways you can express yourself?


Drawing, painting, writing, singing, dancing and the way we dress, are some of the ways we can express ourselves.



This afternoon we would like you to express yourself, you could draw a picture, write a story, dress up or express yourself in any way you would like. Think about your feelings and emotions when expressing yourself and what you would like to tell people about yourself. We would love to see the different ways you express yourself so please share them with us.