Good Morning and welcome to Thursday's Home Learning. 


Starter of the Day Challenge.

Today we would like you to start the day by thinking about things you are thankful/grateful for in your life. This means things you are glad and lucky to have.

We would like you to make a gratitude jar. This can be done by writing down things you are grateful for on different bits of paper and filling a jar, or by writing/drawing them in side a jar template. 

The idea behind this is to make you reflect on all the wonderful things we have in our lives, that we should be grateful for. On a day when you feel a bit down, you could take a piece of paper out of your jar and think about how lucky you are to have that thing. 

Here are some ideas to help you.




Gratitude Jar Template.

English/ Reading Task.

Today we would like you to complete a reading activity based on our book focus A Squash and a Squeeze. There are a choice of sheets, so think carefully about which one is best for you. Your task is to read the word or sentence from our story and match it up with the correct illustration.  (Remember, you don't need to complete both of the sheets.)




When you have completed this, remember to read to a grown up or you could share another Julia Donaldson book together. Record your reading in your school reading diary.


Today we want you to practise reading you real and alien words. Watch the video below and work through the words with Mrs Johnson's help.




Phonics- reading Real and Alien words.



Today is 'Thankful Thursday'. This afternoon we would like you to make something to send to somebody to say Thank you. This could be a card, a letter, a poem or even a picture with a special message to say thank you. You can be as creative as you like.

See if you can send it to the person you make it for.

There are some templates attached below which you can use.


Story Time- Mrs Johnson read 'The Ugly Five'