Start of the Day Challenge

Good morning everyone! We hope you are all well and looking after yourselves at home. Here is your home learning for today, starting with your phonics challenge! 



Partitioning - continued


LO: Use commas correctly in a list.


For PE this afternoon, we would like you to create your own mini-circuit! laugh

Before exercising, remember to warm up first (you may wish to play a game of runner beans!), and remember your stretches, just like the ones we do at the beginning of every p.e lesson.


Task: Create a sequence of exercises (a circuit). You could include the following things: star jumps, bunny hops, jogging on the spot, or you could add some balances.


Can your grown-ups also complete your circuit? Can they complete it faster than you? You may want to time each other!


See below for more ideas! Have fun! yes