Good Morning and welcome to another day of learning. 

Well done to everybody who is trying so hard with the activities at home. Remember to be good for your grown up and try your best. 


Starter of the Day Challenge.

Have a look at the number sentences below. Can you work out what is missing? 




Today we are going to look at our number bonds to 10. These are 2 number facts that we can remember to help us with calculations.  If we can learn our number bonds and recall them quickly, it helps make our Maths easier.  Remember each time we need to make 10.


Listen to the 2 songs below. They might help you to learn your number bonds. Choose which one you like best and play it a couple of times. Can you join in? Look at the pattern being created with the number bonds. 



Today we would like you to make and record all of the number bonds to 10.  Look at the images below and watch the short video reminding you about the whole, part whole model.  Can you make the number bonds?




Can you write them out in a logical order?

How creative can you be?

What will you use to represent the numbers?




Number bonds to 10


Click on the link below to play tricky trucks on Phonics Bloom. Can you read all of the tricky words? How quickly can you read them? Go to the home page and see if there is another game you can play or challenge yourself and play a harder level.


Next, click on the link to play the game show game. This link will take you to phase 4. You can however scroll down the page and access easier or harder phases. Can you be successful in matching the image with the correct sound? - GOOD LUCK.


Yesterday we listened to the story Stanley's Stick. if you want to remind yourself of the story you could watch the video again. (click back onto yesterday's page to open the link)



Can you remember some of the things that Stanley imagined his stick was?

What was your favourite thing? why?



Today we want you to use your imagination. What else could the stick become? Be as creative as you can or use ideas from the story to help you.


We want you to think of 2 or 3 things that the stick could become. Today we just want you to draw your ideas and label what they are in a simple sentence. 

At the bottom of the page, under the useful resource section, there are sheets that you can print out should you wish, however, you can simply draw your ideas on paper.


Mrs Johnson had a go at home, you can see her ideas below.  They might help you.





Do you remember being material detectives last week?

We loved seeing your photographs and we were really impressed with all of the different materials that you could name and found around your homes.


Today we want you to think carefully about objects and the materials they are made from and name the object and then names the material it is made from.


Below is a sheet with some pictures of different objects. Cut out the name of the object and the materials it is made from and match them up. Alternatively, you can go on another material hunt around your home. Can you find 1 object made form each material you can name?  Can you write a label to show what the object is and what material it is made from?


CHALLENGE: Can you find any objects that are made up of 2 or 3 different materials?  Are there any objects that are the same thing but are made from different materials?Why do you think this is? 



Story Time

Listen to Mrs Johnson read Alfie Lends a Hand by Shirley Hughes.