Start of the day challenge

Read the common exception words below.

One of these words has been hidden in the picture below. Can you find out which word?


In Maths today you will be adding using empty number lines. Use the hundred square to help you add tens if you get a little stuck. You can write your calculations in your purple book.



Open the PDF below to find out what you will be doing today.


In English today, you will be answering questions about our new story 'The lion and the unicorn' . We have  read the beginning of the story in school, so this should be familiar to you. 


The Lion and the Unicorn Comprehension




LO: Recount details from the past using different sources of evidence.


When we are trying to find out about a historical event, we need to look at sources to help us discover what happened.

Historical sources are split into two main categories:

Primary and Secondary





Today we would like you to explore more about the war using different sources.

You could use the internet or some of the sources on the website which include a letter, photographs and a diary entry.

Can you find out facts  to answer these questions?

1. What is an air raid?

2. What happened during an air raid?

3. Were there any fire engines during the war?

4. What was it like for children who were living in London during the Blitz? 


What other facts can you find out about 'The Blitz', 'Air raids ' and 'The Blackout'.


You could present your work in your purple books or be creative and create a poster of facts that could be displayed in our classroom.