Good morning Children! We hope you are all well and ready for another day of learning and fun!

We hope you enjoy today's activities.


Starter of the Day Challenge.



Yesterday we looked at adjectives and how we can use them to add detail and description to our writing. 

Can you remember what adjectives are?

Can you think of any examples?



Today we want you to use the adjectives you thought of yesterday and put them into full sentences to describe one of the teddy bears. 

Choose a teddy bear, perhaps your favourite and see how many sentences you can write to describe the teddy. Remember, every sentence needs to have at least 1 adjective.

Use the WAGOLL below to help you.

Remember capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and your neatest handwriting!





Missing Multiples of 10.

Watch the video and Mrs Johnson will talk you through your lesson today and model how to complete your activities .

Lesson 34 - Year 1

Our Year 1 Letters and Sounds Phonics lessons are suitable for children who can blend and read words such as 'stamp', 'chair' and 'green'.


Read to an adult for at least 10 minutes. Can you spot any tricky words in your book?  Talk about the book as you read. Remember to record your reading in your reading diary.


SCIENCE- Materials.

Today we would like you to find some objects from around your house. If possible try to gather objects made from lots of different materials.

Recap what the objects are made from. What material or materials have been used to make the object. Today we want you to think about the properties of the materials.

What do they feel like? What can you do to the material? e.g. can you bend it, squeeze it? Label the objects you find with adjectives (this is what we have looked at in English!)

You might want to use the word mats attached in the useful resource section to help you.

Find some objects and then make some labels, or print out the words attached and see how many adjectives you can use to describe the properties of the different materials you find.  GOOD LUCK.


Story Time

Ms Carr reads story today- Enjoy!