Good morning and Happy Tuesday everyone!

Remember to be positive and don't forget to smile smiley

Here is your home learning for today... 

Start of the Day Challenge

This morning, we would like you to look carefully at the image below and answer yes or no.

You could write down the answers or talk to a grown-up. Try to explain how you know the answer is yes or no, using the conjunction 'because.

For example - It is yes because... It is no because...



Subtraction on a number line Tuesday


Tuesday's reading task video

History: Halesowen Heroes

LO: To observe evidence to find out about the past.

Within your History lesson last week, you completed some research about James Grove and his button factory.


Within today's history lesson, we would like you to look at three different maps of Halesowen in order to think about how Halesowen has changed through time, and to find different places on each map. 

1888 map of Halesowen

1955 map of Halesowen

modern day map of Halesowen

Task- Look at the three maps above and write down or talk about the following questions:

1. Can you point to the Stourbridge Road on each map? (look at the modern day map first)

2. Can you see Old Hawne lane on the maps? 

3. Why is Old Hawne Lane easier to spot on the 1955 and modern day maps?

4. Look at the 1888 map. Can you find the word 'button'. This is where the button factory was.

5. Can you now find where the button factory was on the 1955 and modern day map of Halesowen?

6. Look at each map again - How has Halesowen changed? What is there less of? What is there more of?

Challenge: Can you name any roads that are on all three maps?


*Please see the maps in the document below. If you have a printer, you may want to print them out.*